You are eating plastic every day

Discover what you can do about it with Awarelens Augmented Reality Experience

Our GoalS

Creating a mixed reality experience including a flyer that shows the product life span ofeveryday items

Raising awareness about the climate crisis and consumer-behaviour

Target group

Professional employers in the technology fieldpotentially interested in AR and sustainability

How it works

Learn how you can change your consuption habits

Interactive Story

Discover your plastic consumption in an interactive way following the story

Review your choices

After choosing all your options, you will be presented with an stimated plastic consumption

Sustainability tips

Learn what you can do about the plastic flood through the App and the flyer information

This is not a usual flyer

Augmented reality joins the physical and digital world providing an innovative experience. The content on the paper flyer becomes alive in your hands when scanning it. Through the mobile App you will be able to interact with the story.

You are in charge of your choices

Follow your character on a day-in-a-life and decide for every object. This decisions can reflect your own consumption habits and help you bring awareness on your daily life purchases. Together we can help achieve a more sustainable planet.

How do we calculate your results?

Starts with plastic used by you from a single object used, this is done by asking about your preferences in the app.

For every unsustainable decision you get plus points. For our case we have six daily life objects.

The points are converted into plastic in relation to the credit card, and are presented to you in the form of microplastic you are consuming.

The technology behind

A mixed reality experience

Augmented Reality

Experience phisical world in a whole new dimension, where content becomes alive

Physical Object

Digital and physical merge in your hands, with the folded paper flyer

You have the flyer and want to start scanning?

We are currently working on a iOS App. In the meanwhile, if you are Android user click on the link below from your phone to start the experience.

Behind the project

A passionate team of international students

Ana Abad Andreu
Abdelmonem Abbas
Vranda Agarwal
Kim Julia Bloch
Azer Najarov
Hande Eylül Yüksel
Jakob Mertl

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